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Thursday, April 11, 2013

First Channel Islands Herring Gull Reported in Belgium!

Simon Feys has just reported Herring Gull White 0HA4 at Nieuwpoort, Vuurtoren, Belgium - our first sighting of one of our Guernsey colour-ringed Herring Gulls in Belgium! We have worked quite hard this winter to try to colour ring a sample of wintering Herring Gulls. Chouet Landfill clearly acts as a magnet for a large number of immature Herring Gulls from outside the Channel Islands. 0HA4 was ringed in our garden (1 km from Chouet) on 02 December 2012. Of course we do not yet know if 0HA4 is a Belgian or French bird that has visited Guernsey in the winter, or one of our local birds wandering north (further than most!). I suspect it is the former...but hopefully time will tell. Many thanks to Simon for this exciting report and for the very nice photos too!

Herring Gull White 0HA4 at Nieuwpoort 11 April 2013 (c) Simon Feys

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