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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gull Study Gets Even More Interesting

Now that we have been colour ringing gull chicks for five summers, the Bailiwick gull studies are entering another new and exciting phase, as we get ever increasing numbers of summer sightings of birds that are approaching breeding age. While the majority of such reports come from the Channel Islands, we are also receiving news from further afield. A good example is a report received recently from Sam Baxter of LBBG Black 5.P8. This gull was ringed as a chick on Burhou in July 2010. Having been recorded in Spain and Portugal during its first two winters, it is now in Pembrokeshire, Wales. We do not yet know whether this 3rd summer gull is prospecting a nesting site in Wales or just wandering ...eventually to return to breed in its natal colony. Hopefully future sightings of this, and other such immature gulls, will help us to gain a much better understanding of the migration and dispersal of our Channel Islands gulls.
 LBBG Black 5.P8 Doninos Beach, A Coruna, Spain 12 August 2011 (c) Paco Veiga
The Movements of LBBG Black 5.P8

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