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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

LBBGs Back from Canaries and NW Africa

In recent days some of the LBBGs that are known to winter as far south as Western Sahara and the Canary Islands have been returning to Guernsey. With little time this morning before work, a very quick scan of Chouet Beach revealed the presence of LBBG White 6S9 a bird recorded in Western Sahara in two different winters. A couple of days before Black 9AA9  (also known to winter in Western Sahara) was back, and before that Black 9K5  (a regular in Gran Canaria in winter) was back for the summer. It is always really thrilling to record these long distance LBBGs back in Guernsey after their epic flights to and from wintering grounds.

 Gulls on Chouet Beach
LBBG White 6S9 back from NW Africa

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