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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gulls Love Seaweed!

Mick Dryden and Tony Paintin in Jersey both regularly report Guernsey colour-ringed Herring Gulls in Jersey, demonstrating how frequently many birds presumed nesting or born in Jersey visit Chouet Landfill. Today Mick set a new record for a single day with reports of 20 different cr Herring Gulls at Le Pulec on Jersey's North-west coast. From Mick's photo below you can see the attraction - a very nice pile of seaweed, driven ashore by the strong winds, which no doubt is providing some excellent feeding conditions.
 Gulls feeding at Le Pulec, Jersey 09 June 2013 (c) Mick Dryden
 Herring Gull White 0HC1 at Le Pulec (with White 4FL9) at Le Pulec 09 June 2013 (c) Mick Dryden
Lesser Black-backed Gull Black 7AU8 passing Grosnez Point, Jersey on 08 June 2013 (c) Mick Dryden

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