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Saturday, June 1, 2013

LBBG Black 0.A9 - A Special Sighting!

Tim Morley, the AWT Ecologist for 2013, has just let me know that LBBG Black 0.A9 is nesting near the hut on Burhou this year. What makes this report special is that this gull was ringed as a chick on Burhou in July 2009. We now know that this gull is nesting back on its natal colony - in fact it is nesting within 50 metres of its natal site! Such observations are particularly valuable  to our gull research. Black 0.A9 was recorded in its first winter at Portimao, Portugal. Also on Burhou this summer is LBBG Black 4.H7 - a chick ringed in the colonies on Sark in 2010. This bird is still a year from we will have to wait until next year to try to learn whether it is breeding on Burhou or back in Sark.
 LBBG Black 0.A9 Burhou - July 2009 (c) PKV
 LBBG Black 0.A9 Portimao, Portugal - December 2009 (c) Morten Helberg
LBBG Black 0.A9 Burhou 31 May 2013 (c) Tim Morley

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