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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gull Post-Breeding Dispersal Begins

Right on cue with previous years, we are now receiving reports of both adult Lesser Black-backed and Herring Gulls dispersing  after presumably breeding or attending colonies in the Bailiwick. In the past couple of days Francois Leclerc has reported two LBBGs and three Herring Gulls at a landfill site in Calvados, France (c 170 km distant from Guernsey and therefore outside daily foraging ranges). Interestingly Francois recorded both LBBGs (Black 7N1 and Black 9AJ2) at the same landfill within a few days of the same date in 2012!
Now I am wondering...which of the colour ringed adult LBBGs known to have been in the Channel Islands this summer will win the race to Spain this autumn?!
 (c) Dave Murray
LBBG Black 9AJ2 & HG White 1.DD2 two gulls which are now back in Calvados, France after 2013 breeding season (c) Jean-Claude-Hinet

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