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Friday, July 26, 2013

Stop Press - The Race is Won!

And so we have this summer's winner in the LBBG race back to Spain. LBBG Black 1AV6 (ringed at Chouet in May 2013) was on Esmelle Beach, A Coruna yesterday. Perhaps as expected this is not a gull of breeding age (being a 3rd calendar year bird)...but we know it was in Guernsey earlier this summer...and that makes it this year's race winner. Many thanks to Paco Veiga for reporting the gull...hopefully the first of many GuernseyGulls to invade the beaches of A Coruna this late summer/autumn! Seb Nedellec has also recently reported a couple of Guernsey colour-ringed LBBGs from Trunvel in Finistere, NW birds are clearly on the move!

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