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Thursday, August 22, 2013

News from Portugal - including LBBG in a Hurry!

Yesterday Tim van Nus reported a superb series of 25 Guernsey LBBG observations at Eirol Landfill in Central Portugal. We are very fortunate that Tim is now back in Portugal, after his summer's work in The Netherlands, and that he has already been to observe the gulls at Eirol. Adult Guernsey LBBGs tend to arrive in this part of Portugal quite early in late summer, and while some will stay in the area all winter, many others will stage there for some weeks before continuing further south into Iberia or even into NW Africa, before migrating back to Guernsey early next spring. One of the gulls seen yesterday Black 8C2 was still in Guernsey only three days earlier - thus completing the direct flight of 1,100 km in less than 72 hours!
An account of Tim's visit to Eirol Landfill can be seen at his blog at

Black 8C2 -a gull in a big hurry back to Portugal this week!

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