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Friday, August 30, 2013

Gulls Galore!

The past few days have seen lots of interest gull-wise. Today there were c 700 Lesser Black-backed Gulls on the Island's West Coast - mainly local birds (60 cr birds), but the regular Dutch autumn passage migrant Orange 9V was present again. Another of Peter Rock's juvenile LBBGs (Yellow L+H) is also present. This bird was ringed on a roof top in Cardiff, Wales in early July.
 Great Black-backed Gulls are wandering about again now, with nine French-ringed birds (including the first juvenile from Le Havre, Seine-Maritime - Black 29M), one English bird, and a new 2nd calendar year Norwegian-ringed bird from Vest-Adger (Black JE241).
An adult Yellow-legged Gull at Perelle rounded off a very successful morning!

 Gulls on Pembroke Beach - Early Morning

 Gulls at Perelle Beach

LBBG Yellow L+H at Chouet Landfill Beach

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