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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Another 1,000km + Herring Gull

While our gull research projects are still relatively young, we do know that few of our locally breeding Herring Gulls disperse as far as 1,000km from the Channel Islands. However, White 5CK9 is one such bird! Ringed at Chouet Landfill in May 2011, this bird probably nests on Sark. It has already been seen at Coruna, Spain by Juan Cabeza (09/02/2013), but I've just received a report from Helder Vieira that this bird is now in PortoPortugal - see below!
The Movements of Herring Gull White 5CK9
Herring Gull White 5CK9
Date Reporting Circumstance Location Country Observer From First KM Days Elapsed
18/05/2011 initial ringing Chouet Landfill GUERNSEY Veron; Paul et al
26/06/2012 colour ring sighting Sark Harbour SARK Veron; Paul K 17 405
09/02/2013 colour ring sighting Boca do Rio, Porto do Son, A Coruna SPAIN Cabeza; Juan 903 633
24/01/2014 colour ring sighting Aguda; Porto PORTUGAL Vieira; Helder 1054 982

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