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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Here Today...Gone Tomorrow...Back Next Week?!

It's a familiar story now...some of our earliest returning Lesser Black-backed Gulls arrive back in the Islands, take a look at their breeding colonies...and then decide that after all there's really no rush to take up their territory and so they move back south for a few more days or a week or two (not longer). And so it is with Black 8AN0 - the first cr gull of the season seen on 04 January by Julian Medland. I don't know where this gull wintered...but it was not in the Channel Islands. Last night I received news that gull enthusiast Alain Fossé had seen this gull on 15 January at Champteusse-sur-Baconne Landfill, Maine-et-Loire, France - a straight line distance of 250 km from Guernsey. The insights that colour rings give us into the lives and ecologies of our nesting gulls are truly amazing!
The Recent Flight South-east of LBBG Black 8AN0

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