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Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Stunning Morning at Chouet Landfill

After the frustrations of foggy weather and poor visibility for the past 48 hours today dawned clear and bright. With high tide at 0600 the choice this morning was obvious - Chouet Landfill for a few hours...then a quick look at the landfill beach. The layout of the landfill today was just about perfect for observation. In two and half hours inside the landfill and 20 minutes at the beach afterwards I recorded almost 250 colour ringed gulls - the best session of the year so far! The majority were LBBGs (c 170), with c 60 Herring Gulls and 14 GBBGs. Regular LBBG Blue ACE (ringed at Gloucester, England) was seen for the first time this season today, and there was one English (Cornwall) and three French-ringed GBBGs present (all from Chausey Islands, Manche). All in all a truly marvellous gull watching session!

Gulls at Chouet Landfill and Chouet Landfill Beach (c) PKV

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