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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Welsh GBBG in Guernsey

Yesterday morning  there was a very nice assortment of gulls resting on on Chouet Beach after bathing in the sea. Amongst them was GBBG Yellow D:AT - one of 20 chicks ringed on 16 June 2013 on Denny Island, Monmouthshire, Wales - a small islet in the Bristol Channel. This is a new colour ringing project established in 2013 by the Goldcliff Ringing Group. This is the first GBBG ringed in Wales to be recorded in the Channel Islands
The tides have been excellent this week for checking Chouet beaches for gulls before work, and on most days I've recorded c 100-150 LBBGs each day, adding important data to our long-term gull studies.
Denny Island, Monmouthshire, Wales (c) Richard Clarke

 GBBG Yellow D:AT at Chouet Beach (c) PKV
 Gulls on Chouet Beach (c) PKV

Gulls at Chouet landfill Beach (c) PKV

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