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Monday, September 23, 2013

First Guernsey-Ringed LBBG Observed in Sweden

Amongst the gull colour ring sightings awaiting my turn from a week’s leave was an exceptional report from Sweden! Snygg Goran reported LBBG Black 8AN9 feeding amongst a flock of several hundred gulls just south of Eldsberga, Halmstad. This bird was caught in our garden on Guernsey in early July 2012, and as it was an adult female bird it was assumed to be a bird from the local population nesting in the Bailiwick. However, it now seem more likely that this gull is from a northern population and that it was just passing through Guernsey in early July last year. Hopefully further sightings in the months and years ahead may cast further light on this fascinating report!
The Remarkable Journey of LBBG Black 8AN9

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