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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Return of the Red-billed Chough

Our colleagues in Jersey are working on a wonderful project designed to reintroduce Red-billed Chough to Jersey. In actual fact the charismatic Chough is merely the "front man" or "show biz bird" for a much more ambitious project to restore some of Jersey's north coast cliff lands to habitat suitable for a host of native wildlife and birds that have been struggling to maintain a toe-hold in the Island, since farming was largely abandoned in the area.
The project has an excellent web site at which has lots of information and some wonderful photos of the project.
I'm including a posting on this web site because this autumn the first birds were released into the wild. There are currently five Red-billed Choughs in the area of Sorel Point, Jersey. Each bird has a colour ring (as well as radio transmitter). These birds can be reported on the Gull Colour Ring Web Portal 
 Red-billed Chough B2A87 Sorel Point, Jersey - (c) Romano da Costa
Red-billed Choughs at Sorel Point, Jersey (c) Colin Stevenson

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