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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

617 - The Gull Chick Colour Ringing Tally for 2014

As this year’s gull chicks begin to fledge, I thought I’d post a summary of the numbers of chicks colour ringed in the Bailiwick. The highlight has been 353 Lesser Black-backed Gulls fitted with black colour rings – a record for us. This resulted from reasonable productivity this year from the much troubled main colony (c 1,000 pairs +) on Burhou, Alderney, and also a good season on some of the much smaller colonies on Sark.
Our performance with Great Black-backed Gulls was rather modest with only 54 chicks colour ringed, but we did better with Herring Gulls with 210 chicks colour ringed. Herring Gulls in particular had a very productive season, and this total represents only a sample of the chicks in the colonies this year.
So…with 617 gull chicks colour ringed this summer, it proved to be a very satisfactory season. Now I can look forward to finding many of these juvenile gulls once they’ve left the nesting colonies.
LBBG Black 2CP1

GBBG Yellow 8AA8
Herring Gull White 5JU9

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