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Sightings of Guernsey colour ringed Gulls can be entered here for an instant life history, or sent to for a life history to be returned by e-mail to observers.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

GuernseyGulls Web Database Fully Up to Date

Once again I’m most grateful to Rich and Margaret Austin for the initial entry of the 1,000+ gulls ringed in our May 2014 cannon netting week at Chouet into the Channel Islands Bird Ringing Scheme’s electronic database. Once input there I could extrapolate the data and reformat it so that Peter Carre of Digimap could very generously load this massive amount of information onto the GuernseyGulls web database.
And so…with effect from today…the web database is once more fully up to date…so observers should be able to check on the life histories of any newly ringed gulls observed.


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