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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Golden Gulls

The flock of a thousand gulls were glowing gold in the gorgeous sunrise this morning at Pembroke. Amongst the flock were several juvenile colour ringed Herring Gulls from Guernsey, Lihou, Jethou and Sark, while on Chouet Landfill Beach one of only three Lesser Black-backed Gull chicks (Black 9AN0)  ringed this year on Lihou Island was resting on the beach.

While many of the breeding adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls are still in the Islands, an increasing number are now departing on their autumn migrations. The latest report was of seven Guernsey-colour ringed LBBGs reported by José Tavares feeding on fish discards on the same beach at Torreira, Aveiro, Portugal.  Over the next few weeks many more of the Guernsey birds will be heading south for Iberia and beyond for the winter.

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