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Friday, September 14, 2012

First Juvenile GBBGs from Le Havre, Seine-Maritime and Portland, Dorset

Despite the blustery conditions this morning, combined with high tide, I was fortunate enough to be able to check c 600 LBBGs along the west coast, locating 36 of my colour-ringed birds. Amongst a very much smaller number of GBBGs (c 100) were my first juveniles of the autumn from Le Havre, Seine-Maritime (Black 92K) and also my first ever GBBG from the new project established in Portland Harbour this summer (White P:37A). Finally, after much searching (and tipped off yesterday by Jamie Hooper – cheers!) I finally managed to see Black-headed Gull Yellow EHSL ringed as a chick near Antwerp, Belgium this summer. So all in all – a very rewarding gull session today! It was interesting to see at least two parties of LBBG fledglings still begging from their very frustrated parents on the beaches this morning.

 Black-headed Gull Yellow EHSL
 LBBG Black 0.F6 L'Eree

 L'Eree Gull Flock
LBBG Fledglings Still Begging from Adult L'Eree

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