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Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Yellow-legged Gulls at Chouet

Another very enjoyable couple of hours at Chouet this morning gave very nice views of another two Yellow-legged Gulls - an adult and a third calendar year bird (Euring age code 7). Otherwise fairly quiet with c 150 cr reads on Herring Gulls and only a few cr Lesser Black-backed Gulls.

 Adult Yellow-legged Gull

 3rd Calendar Year (Euring Age 7) Yellow-legged Gull
 Chouet Landfill - few LBBGs!

 LBBG Black 0.F3 Chouet Landfill 01 September 2012
 LBBG Black 0F3 Burhou, Alderney July 2009

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