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Friday, September 7, 2012

LBBG from England, GBBG from France and ? from ?!

This morning’s run down the west coast before work looked like it was going to draw a complete blank...until I reached L’Eree...where the best Lesser Black-backed Gull flock of the autumn was gathered on the beach. There were c 500 birds, of which at least 100 were juveniles. 36 birds in the flock were colour-ringed- all “Guernsey Gulls” except Red DNDB (a chick ringed at Havergate Island, Suffolk, England in July 2012 – Mike Marsh). It is noticeable how some birds breeding on Burhou, Alderney stopover in Guernsey on their way south. As well as adults there were three immature LBBGs ringed as chicks on Burhou in 2009 and three chicks from 2010 on the beach this morning. These birds have presumably been at their natal colony for part of the summer, and are now moving south again with the adults. As in previous autumns hardly any Lesser Black-backed Gulls in these autumn flocks seem to visit Chouet Landfill. A visit there a couple of days ago resulted in only three LBBG colour ring sightings!

Also in the flock was a juvenile gull - Green XCDP - a bird I assumed to be another fuscus...but you know how I have been saying all summer that I can't recognise a juvenile Yellow-legged Gull...perhaps this is it?! Hopefully the ring will confirm (thanks to Kees for perhaps putting me on the right track!).

Amongst the handful of Great Black-backed Gulls on the beach, was another juvenile bird ringed on Chausey Islands, Manche, France – Green L24 (Fabrice Gallien). Finally of note was a single 2nd cy Common Gull.

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