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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gulls on the High Tide

It was always going to be a difficult pre-work session down the west coast this morning, because of the high tide, pushing the gulls off the beach. However, it was just about workable, and a nice flock of c. 400 LBBGs (few juveniles) was well observed. In this flock were 40+ of our colour ringed birds, along with Orange 9V – the Dutch bird from Moerdijk which appears each autumn on the Island’s west coast. There were very few GBBGs in the flock (c 20), but amongst them were two French birds (one from Chausey – Green K.72 and one from Le Havre – Blue 91D), and two Guernsey birds – Yellow 0.NN1 and Yellow 0L8.
Yet another adult Yellow-legged Gull was located in this flock!

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