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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Herring Gulls Feeding at Night Behind Trawler

Herring Gull White 6.AA8 feeding at night behind trawler 4 miles west of Corbiere, Jersey - Dominic Jones
A very nice report last night of a colour ringed gull was Herring Gull White 6.AA8, which was seen and photographed feeding with other Herring Gulls behind a trawler four miles west of Jersey's south-west coast (Corbiere Lighthouse) on the evening of 31 January 2011. This gull was ringed in April 2010 in our garden at Ty Coed, Vale Marais, and then seen six more times in Guernsey up to 11 December 2010. It was then seen at Le Pulec, Jersey on 09 January 2011 by Tony Paintin.

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