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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gull Ringing at Chouet landfill May 2010

Cannon Netting at Chouet landfill may 2010 - photo Vic Froome

This blog posting adds a little more detail on the recent highly successful cannon netting operations at Chouet landfill. As a joint effort between the North Thames Gull Group and the Guernsey Seabird Team and supporters, we operated from Wednesday 26th May to Saturday 29th May – although on the first and last dates rain prevented any catches being attempted. To make up for this Thursday 27th and Friday 28th were near perfect days…and we took six catches on these two days – totalling 1,008 gulls (184 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and 824 Herring Gulls).

The largest single catch was the 2nd catch on Thursday when 338 gulls were processed – 299 Herring Gulls and 39 Lesser Black-backed Gulls. The two largest catches of Lesser Black-backed Gulls were catch 1 on Thursday (43 birds) and the very last catch on Friday (44 birds).

I am deeply grateful to everyone who participated, but especially to Paul Roper and the members of the North Thames Gull Group and the landfill staff without whose help the operation would not have been possible or so successful!

Amongst the Lesser Black-backed Gulls caught there were surprisingly few retraps – although three birds ringed in previous years in the Bailiwick provided extra information for the project. Now that they have colour rings it is hoped that there will be more records of these birds.

A more detailed account of the whole operation will shortly be found on the excellent web site of the North Thames Gull group at

Looking for gulls to catch! - Chouet landfill May 2010 - Vic Froome

Part of the team setting the net - Photo Vic Froome

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