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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Early morning ring reading at Chouet

Due to work commitments and the hectic seabird monitoring schedule at this time of year, this morning was only the second time that I have managed to get to Chouet to record colour ringed gulls since our cannon netting session there in the last week of May. The impact of our successful cathing is obvious. In 90 minutes this morning at Chouet landfill and Chouet landfill Beach I recorded 123 colour rings - including a record breaking 52 Lesser Black-backed Gulls - all Guernsey ringed birds!

It is really good to see that I am beginning now to make an impact on the number of cr Herrng Gulls in the area, and also slowly I am making progess with the Lesser Black-backed Gulls. I hope to record as many of the Lesser Black-backed Gulls caught at the end of May as possible before they start their autumn migration in early August.

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