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Friday, June 4, 2010


OK - this is not a gull post, but I thought some of you may like to see a few photos of the lovely flower-rich orchid field adjacent to our home. Fortunately it is now a nature reserve run by La Société Guernesiaise- The Ozanne Fields. The orchids are c 3 weeks late this year (as a result of our cold spring)...however, they are now absolutely gorgeous. There are Loose-flowered, Southern Marsh and Heath Spotted Orchids (I think...I am no botanist!).


  1. Hi Paul; Nice post with nice orchid fields....
    I´m not a botanist but like this Dactylorhiza maculata (Heath Spotted Orchid) very much.

  2. Thanks Antonio. I must find out what the other orchids are! I think the trouble here is that there is a lot of hybridisation between Southern Marsh and Heath Spotted.

    Best Wishes