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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another very nice session at Chouet landfill

With the beaches covered by the high tide early this morning I went to Chouet landfill, and enjoyed some very nice close encounters with Lesser Black-backed Gulls. Highlights included another new British-ringed LBBG - London FP77334
LBBG London FP77334 Chouet landfill - PKV
I also saw a tibia-ringed 2nd summer LBBG, but only managed a partial read of this ring. It is apparently a Dutch bird and I am hoping that Roland-Jan Buijs can help pin this bird down to a ringing site.

2nd summer tibia-ringed LBBG - Chouet landfill - PKV

I recorded 22 other ringed LBBGs, but none were new arrivals for the spring.

LBBG White 6S6 Chouet landfill - PKV

LBBG White 7S2 Chouet landfill - PKV

LBBG White 6.T9 Chouet landfill - PKV

LBBG White 2.U9 Chouet landfill - PKV

LBBG White 0.U4 Chouet landfill Beach - PKV

LBBG White 9.T7 Chouet Landfill Beach - PKV

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