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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Gull ringing season commences

The highlight today was the start of the gull ringing season. A couple of adult Herring Gulls were trapped in our garden (Ty Coed) and fitted with colour rings 6.AA7 and 6.AA9.

PS You can tell it is the start of the season - because I managed to fit the first colour ring reading from top to bottom (i.e.upside down)!

Still not much sign of any further Lesser Black-backed Gull migration, although it is wonderful to see flocks of several hundred (local) LBBGs gathered on Chouet and Chouet landfill Beaches early in the morning.

LBBGs on Chouet Beach - PKV

LBBG 7S5 L'Ancresse Common - PKV

LBBG White 6S9 Chouet landfill Beach 04 April 10

LBBG White 6.Z2 Chouet Beach 04 April 10 - PKV

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