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Friday, April 30, 2010

An unexpected visitor to Chouet - LBBG Black 0.R0

Although there has been a steady increase in the number of immature Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Chouet since mid-April, I did not expect any of the 1st summer birds to be local. Black 0.R0 proved me wrong today by returning to Chouet from its wintering grounds in Spain. This gull was ringed as a chick on Burhou, Alderney on 10 July 2009. It was first reported at Esmelle Beach, A Coruna, Spain on 31/08/09 (Paco Veiga) and 01/09/09 (Antonio Gutierrez), before being seen for most of February 2010 at Alcazar de San Juan Landfill Cuidad Real, Spain (Gabriel Martín). It was at Pinto Landfill, Madrid on 16/04/10 (Javier Marchamalo) before making the flight back to Guernsey.
LBBG Black 0.R0 at Chouet landfill - 30 April 10 - PKV

Black 0.R0 Chouet Landfill - PKV

LBBG Black 0.R0 Esmelle Beach, Spain 01/09/09 - Antonio Gutierrez

LBBG Black 0.R0 Alcazar de San Juan landfill, Cuidad Real, Spain 27/02/10 - Gabriel Martín

LBBG Black 0.R0 Pinto Landfill, Madrid, Spain 16/04/10 - Javier Marchamalo

In March and April 2010 I have had reports of 12 different colour ringed 1st summer LBBGs - all ringed on 09/10 July 2009 on Burhou, Alderney. Ten of these gulls have been seen in Spain (with one of these being recorded in the Algarve, Portugal as well). The other two birds have been wintering in north-west France (Maine-et-Loire (one) and Mayenne (one)).

It is most likely that a small minority of 1st summer LBBGs from Guernsey will do what Black 0.R0 has done and fly back as far north as their natal colony in its first summer. Most are expected to stay further south where they have wintered. is still very early days in my colour ringing we shall see!

LBBG Black 0.C7 has been wintering in north-west France - Cyril Maurer

Black 0.H9 as a chick on Burhou - July 09 - PKV

Black 0.H9 Pinto landfill, Spain - Delfín González

Black 0.K8 as a chick on Burhou - PKV

Black 0.K8 Asturias 04/09/09 - Bernardo Busto

Black 0.K8 Meiras Beach, A Coruna, Spain - 21/04/10 - Antonio Gutierrez

White 4.V5 Burhou 10 July 09 - PKV

White 4.V5 El Musel Harbour, Gijon, Asturias, Spain - Nacho Vega


  1. Nice and very interesting post Paul;
    We looks like paparazzies with our press harrasment....;)
    I wish news from BLACK 0.R0 further north !!!
    Best Wishes

  2. Great news! You can also see my last entry in Larus

    0·R0 is becoming a superstar! ;-)


  3. Hi Antonio and Gabi

    Many thanks for the posts re Black 0.R0 (and other gulls)on your excellent web sites. It is really fantastic to be able to follow the gulls so well at different stages of their lives and in different places. It is very interesting to see photos of the gulls away from Guernsey - and also the places they visit. It makes understanding the epic journeys these birds make it all the more fascinating.

    Best Wishes