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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Good Session at Chouet Landfill

Cold again - thin ice on roads on north of Guernsey. Worse conditions in south. One hour visit to Chouet Landfill. 1,000+ gulls - mostly Herring, but 100+ Great Black-backed Gulls and 10 Lesser Black-backed Gulls. Most gulls observed bathing and resting on Chouet Beach.

Lesser Black-backed Gull Blue CSK - ringed 16/02/08 at Stoke Orchard landfill, Gloucester, England (Peter Stewart). This gull had been seen in Gloucestershire in November and December 2008, but there were no sightings at all in 2009.

Four cr Great Black-backed Gulls - Green E.30 (Chausey Islands, France - Seb Provost) and Blue 26C, Blue 30C and Blue 93D (all Le Havre, France - Gilles le Guillou). E.30 is a 1st winter bird. Catherine and I saw this bird on Siouville Beach, Manche, France on 12/13 October 2009. It was then seen at Portland Bill, Dorset, England (Martin Cade) on 22/10/09 before turning up at Chouet landfill, Guernsey for the 1st time on 07/11/09. It has been seen four times since.

Green E.30 Chouet, Guernsey November 09

Green E.30 Siouville Beach, France October 09

Blue 30C (ringed as a chick at le Havre - Gilles Le Guillou on 25/06/07) has been seen in Guernsey 35 times since 18/09/08. Blue 26C (ringed Le Havre 25/06/07 - Gilles Le Guillou) and seen 20 times in Manche, France - mostly at Granville Port - before being seen in Guernsey for the 1st time on 07/01/10.

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