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Thursday, January 14, 2010

This isn't PORTUGAL!

Hey...I shouldn't be making a posting today - as Catherine and I were meant to be in the Algarve, Portugal for a week of warmth looking for our gulls down there. However...snow at London Gatwick airport yesterday had other here we are back in Guernsey!

Chouet landfill (30 mins before work and 30 mins at lunchtime) - only 3 Lesser Black-backed Gulls (no rings), but 100+ Great Black-backed Gulls, and 1,500+ Herring Gulls.

60 colour ringed Herring Gulls (59 local) - 42 from my project (2009 on), 17 from Jamie Hooper's (1998-2007) including some from 1998, and the "usual" 1st winter bird from Pitsea, Essex (Orange JR.2T).

Nine ringed Great Black-backed Gulls - 3 local birds from Guernsey and six from France (all known birds) - two 1st winters from Chausey Islands, France (Seb Provost) (Green E.71 and Green E.30) and four from Seine-Maritime, France (Gilles Le Guillou) (Blue 94C, Blue 26C, Blue93D and Blue 77C).

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