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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Quick Lunchtime Trip to a Very Chilly Chouet landfill

With very cold weather conditions - snow and ice in southern part of Guernsey, I paid a quick lunch time visit to Chouet landfill.

18 cr Herring Gulls - including two from Gloucester, England (Peter Stewart) - Blue EHY and Blue BHC. The former is a new record in Guernsey of a gull ringed as a 2nd winter on 07/02/09 at Gloucester landfill, seen there on 10 further occasions until 30/06/09 - and then not seen until turning up in Guernsey today. By contrast BHC (ringed as a 2nd winter on 13/01/08) was first seen in Guernsey on 17/02/09. It has been seen six times since.

Two cr Great Black-backed Gulls - Blue 26C ringed 25/06/07 at Le Havre, Seine-Maritime, France by Gilles Le Guillou. Seen 20 times since in Manche, France - mostly at Granville - before turning up today in Guernsey.  Black 28E (ringed Le Havre 23/06/09 - Gilles Le Guillou) and seen before at Chouet on 26/27/11/09.

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