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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another interesting morning at Chouet

The highlight of an interesting early session at Chouet landfill today was the sighting of a 2nd summer Great Black-backed Gull from Essex, England. Orange GC9.T was in the thick of the action and so very hard to photograph. In the end I got the bird but not the ring! This gull is one ringed by the North Thames Gull Group in Essex.

Quite a few of the Lesser Black-backed Gulls are now courting - even in the landfill, while new arrivals continue to trickle in.
LBBGs courting at Chouet Landfill 17 March 2010 - PKV

Gulls feeding at Chouet landfill - 17 March 2010 - PKV

Chouet Landfill Tipping Face - 17 March 2010 - PKV

GBBG Orange GC9.T Chouet landfill 17 March 2010 - PKV

Amongst the 16 Guernsey cr Lesser Black-backed Gulls seen today was White 3.T4 (ringed as an adult at Chouet landfill as an adult female on 04 June 2009, and seen on 17 September 2009 at Fonte da Telha Beach, Setubal, Portugal (Rob Voesten & Stef Waasdorp).

Other cr Great Black-backed Gulls seen today included Black 64E (Le Havre, France - Gilles Le Guillou) and Green E.33 (Chausey Islands, France- Seb Provost) - both already known in Guernsey (although the Chausey bird had not been seen for six months).

GBBG E.33 Chouet Landfil Beach - 17 March 2010 - PKV

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