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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Lesser Black-backed Gull Home and a new Great Black-backed Gull from France

A very enjoyable hour at Chouet landfill before work resulted in 73 ring reads on Herring Gulls (all local), three Great Black-backed Gulls (two local and Green E.87 - a known 1st winter from Chausey Islands, France (Seb Provost)), and top of the bill - three locally ringed Lesser Black-backed Gulls. White 0.Z6 and White 0.U2 had already been seen back in Guernsey this year, but metal ring Jersey E4405 was recorded for the first time. This Lesser Black-backed Gull had been ringed as a chick on one of the Sark colonies on 07 July 2001 (Jamie Hooper). I saw it in 2009 at Chouet landfill Beach on 9th April and 19th May.

LBBG Jersey E 4405 - Chouet landfill - 18/02/10 - PKV

Herring Gull White 1.UU7 Chouet landfill 18/02/10 - PKV

Herring Gull White 3.NN1 Chouet landfill 18/02/10 - PKV

Adult LBBG Chouet landfill 18/02/10 - PKV

A very quick look at Vazon Beach on Guernsey's west coast at lunch time resulted in the sighting of Great Black-backed Gull Blue 60C - a 3rd Winter bird from Gilles Le Guillou's project based at Seine-Maritime, France.

GBBG Blue 60C Vazon Bay 18 February 2010 - PKV

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