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Monday, February 15, 2010

News of Three Guernsey Gulls in Spain

Over the weekend further news came in on three “Guernsey” Lesser Black-backed Gulls in Spain. Firstly Salva Garcia informed me that White 2.U7 was still at Malaga Port. This gull was ringed as an adult female on 06/06/09 at Chouet landfill, Guernsey. It was then seen beside its nest on Lihou Island, Guernsey on 08/07/09 (Jamie Hooper). It has been seen at Malaga (and Torremelinos) five times between 22/11/09 and 13/02/10 (Salva Garcia, Dave Murray, Gabriel Martín and Hannu Koskinen).

LBBG White 2.U7 Chouet landfill Beach 28/07/09 - PKV

Also on 13 February Gabriel Martín saw two of my Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Alcazar de San Juan Landfill, Cuidad Real, Spain. Interestingly both of these gulls had been seen earlier in the winter by members of the Madrid Gull Team. White 0.V8 was originally ringed as a chick on Burhou, Alderney on 19/07/03 (Jamie Hooper et al), but was then caught as a breeding adult on the islet on 13/06/09 by Catherine and me (when we added the colour ring). It was then seen on 27/12/09 and 12/01/10 at Pinto landfill south of Madrid.

LBBG White 0.V8 Burhou, Alderney 13 June 2009 - P K Veron

LBBG White 0.V8 Pinto Landfill, Spain Dec 09 - Javier Marchamalo

LBBG White 0.V8 Alcazar de San Juan landfill, Spain - Gabriel Martín

Black 1.K8 was ringed as a chick on Burhou, Alderney on 10/07/09. It was recorded at Colmenar Viejo landfill (north of Madrid) and Pinto Landfill (south of Madrid) over the period 15/11/09 – 06/01/10.

LBBG Black 1.K8 Burhou, Alderney - 10 July 2009 - Catherine Veron

LBBG Black 1.K8 Colmenar Viejo landfill, Spain - 15/11/09 - Delfín González

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